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how to write minutes of meeting format

The standard format for the preparation of minutes template provides the correct lay-out of attendances and apologies in your minutes. Record any apologies received in advance of the meeting, and advise the Chair of these before the meeting starts. ... More

how to stop croquembouche from melting

I took these melting moments to playgroup this week and the mums loved them. So here is the recipe for you. The biscuit recipe is the one used by Julia Taylor in MasterChef - an Australian TV show. Buttercream and Jam are my own versions. Melting Moment Biscuit Recipe 180g (6.35 ounces) or 3/4 cup plus 1 tbsp ... More

how to write an intro to an essay

How to Write the Intro Paragraph of a Literary Elements Essay. Nadia Archuleta. How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay Introduction. Nadia Archuleta Updated March 07, 2017. Home » The Rewrite. The introduction of an argumentative essay sets the stage for your entire piece. You must grab your reader from the first moments, and this is especially important in an argumentative essay. Your ... More

how to tell a child they are moving

The moving van drove away, With all the chairs and beds After all that packing and saying goodbye It was time to rest their heads. They drove up to their new house. ... More

how to start a photography business from home

After years of pursuing photography as an avid amateur photographer, I decided to finally take the plunge and become a professional. I already owned all the necessary camera bodies, lenses, flashes and other assorted equipment, and having my own business meant future photography ... More

how to stop a court ordered wage garnishment

5) Look into a debt settlement program. Debt settlement and debt forgiveness programs can also be an option to stop wage garnishment. The debt settlement company will essentially take over communication with your creditors and attempt to negotiate a lower balance owed. ... More

how to write an interview thank you card

This needs to reflect you, so keep the card simple and write your note in your own words. Take the card and a stamp with you to your interview. Be sure to ask your interviewer for their business card, so that you know where to send your thank you. After your interview, go sit quietly (if you’re an introvert, or want to take some notes) or call a friend (if you’re an extrovert, or want to ... More

how to stop overanalyzing him

In particular, picturing a stop sign or yellow, green, and red light triggers your subconscious response system to continue this or stop that. You nudge yourself in a positive or negative direction based on what just happened and your heuristics. ... More

how to start computer in a safe mode windows 10

2/04/2016 How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers. It can help you troubleshoot problems on your PC. For example, if the problem doesn't happen in safe mode, you'll know... ... More

how to stop emotional eating christian

“Stress activates your adrenal glands to release cortisol, increasing your appetite,” says Melissa McCreery, PhD, ACC, psychologist and the emotional eating … ... More

how to send order resouce to other charater wow legion

It happens every time a big new package like a World of Warcraft expansion arrives on the market. In general, gear has two scales of quality. We're talking lag, extremely long queues, and more. People often like to toy with other players in order to show their superiority, Where Your Friends Are: If you™re starting World of Warcraft to play with friends, Subtlety is the ninja to the ... More

how to stop facebook from tracking me online

Who is tracking your movements online? ISPs, the government, Google... but what about social media sites like Facebook? Yes, them too. Here's how you stop Facebook tracking you around the internet. ISPs, the government, Google... but what about social media sites like Facebook? ... More

how to use transition open

Examples. Many mobile apps make good use of transitions between views. In the example below, which follows Google’s material design guidelines, we see how the animation conveys hierarchical and spatial relationships between pages. ... More

how to start a financial institution

3 Start a Financial Services Business 4 Start a Mortgage Loan Business A special financing company lends money to individuals and businesses seeking mortgage financing or startup capital as well ... More

how to take cpa exam

The CPA exam application process varies slightly from state to state, but the majority of the steps are the same. If done properly, you can be approved and scheduled for your first exam within 4-6 weeks. ... More

how to wear a wrap skirt as a dress

8/01/2019 · To tie a sarong as a short skirt, start by folding it in half diagonally. Then, wrap the sarong around your waist and tie the ends into a knot on the side of your hip. To tie a sarong as a halter dress, start by wrapping the sarong around you and bringing the top corners together in front of your body. Then, twist the 2 corners around each other and bring the ends up around your neck. Finally ... More

how to send emojis on iphone

Here's how to send 3X large size emoji using iOS 10 Messages app on a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. ... More

how to use the wurst hacked client features explained

Great plugin to prevent hacked in troll potions / op potions and it's perfect for Creative servers this is the only plugin that actually stops the hackers from using the TrollPotions I recommend anyone with a Creative server or any server really get this plugin to prevent these hack … ... More

how to stop your bed from moving on wooden floors

How To Stop Your Floor Squeaking. This entry was posted on February 25, 2012 by Jonathan Sapir. squeaky floor is caused by two boards rubbing together. If you’re being troubled by a squeaky or a creaky floor, you won’t need anyone to remind how annoying it can be. Squeaky and creaky floors in the daytime are one thing, but squeaky, creaky floors at night can disrupt a whole family’s ... More

how to stop your shoes from smelling

To make your sandals stop stinking, follow some simple steps to keep your feet clean and free from bacteria. Spray your sandals and your feet on a daily basis with a ... More

tata towel how to use

I moved into a new apartment recently, and without the Ta-Ta Towel, I would have gotten those aforementioned sweat rashes while hauling boxes. I was moving stuff around, building furniture, and deep cleaning all month, and all of it was a fairly comfortable experience because of this towel. ... More

saniflo descaler how to use

Using Saniflo Descaler when used at least once or twice a year can prevent bad odours occuring, keep all the pipes free from limescale, this is good for your Saniflo particularly if you live in a hard water area. ... More

how to astral travel tonight

6/12/2011 · This Site Might Help You. RE: How do you astral travel? I am 13 and I want to know how to astral travel as it interests me.I need to know quickly because I want to try to astral travel tonight! ... More

how to use an outboard motor

How can I tell if the used outboard motor I'm buying is in good condition? What should I look for when buying a used outboard motor, to avoid just getting an expensive anchor, or a motor someone sells to avoid an expensive repair. ... More

how to set up trusted devices google

How to set up Trusted Face. Go to your device’s Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news: Guides. Android . Breaking news for Android. Get the latest on apps, carriers, devices, and ... More

how to turn on sli

9/08/2016 · So i bought 2 Gtx 1070s to do an Sli setup on my rig. I bought the HB bridge for the cards too. The Sli config worked amazing at first. Both cards were being used and everything was fine. I recently had a giant fiasco with my ISP about internet speeds on what i … ... More

how to check win 10 system image integrety

Check image can verify the validity of an image file. If our product finds errors during checking process, then the image file might be damaged and cannot be used for recovery. If our product finds errors during checking process, then the image file might be damaged and cannot be used for recovery. ... More

how to write application for christian school

The application of the lesson should reinforce how they can put God's Word into practice. The introduction of the lesson should get their attention and help them from the start to see why this lesson is important for their lives. ... More

how to use enat 400

13/03/2014 · Enat 400 keeps you stay young naturally...! Enat 400 - the secret of natural vitamin E which helps to delay aging process and prevent skin wrinkles. ... More

how to use a pool bridge

How You Use One Hand For Ball/Bridge Control Perfection 2 Wrong Ways And The 1 Right Way For Shooting With English Pool Game Boot Camp Drills to Get Better Fast ... More

how to tell tire tread percentage

…tread compound comprises the top 55 percent of the tires' tread depth with a standard winter tread compound comprising the remaining 45 percent. When Blizzaks are approximately 50 percent worn, their "snow platform" tread depth indicators "connect" selected shoulder tread blocks to … ... More

how to win tol barad attacking

29/09/2011 The flags are in the center of those and you have to capture (control) all 3 at the same time to win on offense, and keep the other side from capping all 3 at the same time on defense. actions ... More

how to solve differentiation problems

Learning Outcomes . Element 1: Apply differentiation techniques to engineering applications. Performance Criteria 1.1: Solve engineering problems using the rules of differentiation. ... More

how to tell if your nail polish is dry

Once your nails are halfway dry (dry to the touch, at least) run them under cold water for about 30 seconds. I don't know the science behind it, but somehow this makes nails dry so much faster! Try it yourself and you'll see. ... More

how to turn voice message on note 4

Two of my favorite features of both Android and the Galaxy Note 4 is Text to Speech, combined with Voice commands. They allow me to use my phone as a voice operated communications center that reads me my incoming messages, email or caller ID , and gives me the ability to reply without having to physically touch the phone or have it on me. ... More

how to use httputility.sanitizehtml

The System.Web assembly is a huge monolith that Microsoft themselves seem to be moving away from. Usually, for any functionality found within System.Web, there's a … ... More

how to win back your narcissistic boyfriend

Your toady narcissist is not going to become a prince charming or princess. The moment you accept this you have begun to reclaim your power. The spell is being broken and you are back in the drivers seat. ... More

how to wear a button down shirt with jeans

White Button Down Shirt Button Down Shirt Outfit Casual White Shirts Button Downs Button Down Shirt Dress Wrap Shirt Moda Fashion Miroslava Duma Shirt Tucked Into Jeans Forwards 3 Fresh Ways to Style Your Old Button-Down Shirt - Unbuttoned Completely, Then Wrapped and Tucked ... More

how to use a laser tachometer

Tachometer is an instrument used for measuring the rotation or revolution speed of objects, such as an engine or a shaft. The tachometer measures revolutions per minute (RPMs) of engines and is widely used in automobiles, airplanes, marine engineering field and many others. ... More

how to use blackhead remover tool dailymotion

The blackhead remover tool is the perfect tool that helps you to easily remove your blackheads. Blackhead removal tool is designed in such a way as to make blackhead removal easier. The tool ... More

how to use a mortising bit

This Mortising Attachment Kit, with its variety of interchangeable bushings, will fit just about any drill press for boring precision mortises. ... More

how to use papaya skin for face carla oates

Papaya for Skin Whitening: Papaya has a potent skin lightening power owing to its exfoliating action and direct skin lightening effect of enzyme papain. Simply, make a paste of ripe papaya to use. Add pure honey on it and mix well. Apply the face mask onto your clean face and wait for 15 minutes. Then gently use warm water to loosen the face mask. ... More

how to set up funnels inside facebook

Rather than just throwing out Facebook ads willy-nilly hoping they stick, you can craft ad content that hones in on exactly what your potential customers need at each stage to help them progress to the next, right up until purchase – in other words, build your marketing funnel. ... More

real diamond how to tell

How to Tell if a Mounted or Loose Diamond is Authentic Introduction. When an object is so desirable, particularly when it can be sold for such a high price, there are always likely to be vendors seeking to imitate the item and sell it as an authentic piece. ... More

how to use each in a sentence

When you summarize or paraphrase someone else's information in several sentences or more, it feels awkward to put in a citation at the end of each sentence you write. ... More

how to win a girl you love back

this sucks man when you love a girl she says that she loves you too and after some days walks away by saying that she dont love you anymore huh sucks now she ignores me like shit and that whats sucks the most text me after 2 or 3 days once even a week i m just broken like shit. ... More

how to tell if essential oil is oxidized

Rancid oil is oxidized oil, and should not be consumed. This is why I constantly recommend avoiding all vegetable cooking oils, such as canola-, corn-, or soy oil, and replacing them with organic coconut oil, which remains stable and does not oxidize at higher temperatures. ... More

how to talk like a nerd

ask them about nerdy stuff, ask them if they read comics, who their favorite super hero is, if they like video games, and when they answer, just listen and think of ... More

how to write a title page in apa format

The title page includes Running Head, Page Number, Title of the Paper, the Author's Name (aka: you!), and the Institutional Affiliation. Title The title should be provided in title case at the center of the page vertically and horizontally. ... More

how to use ryobi corner cat

Ryobi 'Corner Cat' for auction. - a mini sander, scrubber, polisher - comes with extra pads and sandpaper - great for small jobs ... More

how to solve complex square roots

z2 = ihas two roots amongst the complex numbers. The quadratic formula (1), is also valid for complex The quadratic formula (1), is also valid for complex coe?cients a,b,c,provided that proper sense is made of the square roots of the complex number b 2 ?4ac. ... More

how to set up fallout 4 for predator x34

Here's a guide on how to use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to mod Fallout 4. It includes all you should need to do to set your game up for modding and install various mods using the Nexus Mod Manager tool. ... More

minecraft how to use mcreator 1.6.4

MCreator 1.11.2/1.10.2 is a program for modding Minecraft without programing knowledge. It’s very simple to use, and the program’s concept is easy to learn. ... More

how to take down wallpaper easily

Learn how to remove wallpaper with this instructional guide from Bunnings Warehouse. Here are two easy methods for removing old wallpaper and preparing a wall. Youll find out how to prepare the wall and apply a chemical remover. Youll also learn how to use a steamer to remove wallpaper. Continue to step-by-step instructions. Step by Step Instructions. Previous Next. 1 Chemical method ... More

how to set up your uni email on imail

Enter the Wizard, answer a few questions about how you want to connect to your e-mail account. Based on your answers, we'll generate a topic that will help you connect to your e-mail quickly. Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 for Your E-Mail Account Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 for Your E-Mail ... More

how to stop being clingy and jealous

3/04/2009 · i have the same exact problem i know im clingy and jealous but it is just like almost uncontrollable! the one thing that i have found to help is hanging out with my friends and family and keeping myself constantly busy so i don't have so much time to think about him and what he's doing. ... More

how to use tascam dr 60d

page 1. d01230700a dr-60d " owner's manual english linear pcm recorder mode d’emploi franÇais manual del usuario espaÑol bedienungsanleitung deutsch manuale di istruzioni italiano 取扱説明書 日本 … ... More

how to make hdmi cable work on tv

We simply have to duck tape the HDMI cable secure to the back of the TV and everything works fine. So what someone might mistake for a bad cable could actually be a connection problem on the TV. So what someone might mistake for a bad cable could actually be a connection problem on the TV. ... More

how to stop being submissive in a relationship

8/08/2011 Best Answer: It's a matter of self esteem, of how you see yourself. If you're seriously lacking in self-esteem, you probably find it hard to think positively about ... More

how to win playing slot machines at casino

Slot tips. These tips apply only to land slot machines, The more they are played, the more money a casino makes. Slot Types. Tip #5. Don't play multiple-payline slots - Although it seems like you have better odds when playing these machines, the payout rates aren't as good as single-payline slots. Tip #6. Only play the slot machines with the best payouts - Look for machines that payout ... More

how to sell lap dances

What others are saying "This is a series of watercolor painting tutorials by Kelly Eddington that demonstrate how to paint a portrait of a face by showing the painting techniques us." ... More

how to apply to teach in thailand

Apply in person – Teach English in Thailand. Just choose a city and go! Flying to Thailand and applying for jobs in person is the most unorthodox option, but it has its benefits. ... More

how to sing happy birthday in french lyrics

18/07/2009 · Best Answer: Hey there. There's many complicated ways to sing "Happy Birthday" in french, but a very simple, but correct one is the "Joyeux Anniversaire" It … ... More

how to write a business tender proposal

Proposal Packs are designed for writing logistics proposals (supply chain, distribution, transportation, inventory, project development, etc.) with pre-written templates, samples, graphic design options and automation software. ... More

how to use royal honey plus

item 2 1 box Etumax Royal VIP Honey For Him Male Sexual Wellness Enhancement 12pk x 10g - 1 box Etumax Royal VIP Honey For Him Male Sexual Wellness Enhancement 12pk x 10g ... More

how to stop screen light dimming in word

For those who own a Surface Pro (4 or 2017) or Surface Book (1 or 2), you may notice an occasional and subtle flickering of the display, especially at night with a dimmed screen. ... More

how to tell if ps4 controller out of battery

Choosing your PS4 controller is only the beginning. Best Buy has a wide selection of video game accessories to help improve your skills, gain precision, and dominate your favorite games. ... More

how to set up a mountain bike

Have the bike shop where you bought your bike set up your fork and shock for your body weight and riding style. If they can’t or won’t help you, follow the directions in the manual you got with your bike (or that you find on the frame and fork makers’ websites). ... More

tomatox magic massage pack how to use

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack is a multi-functional massage and pack that contains tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients. It is designed to bring instant dual magic brightening and vitalizing and detoxifying effects into the skin. ... More

how to tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle

All turtles, tortoises and terrapins are similar in that they are reptiles. They lay eggs to reproduce and are cold blooded; meaning that they cannot regulate their own body temperature without the aid of outside sources. The different species' names reflect their different habitats. ... More

how to turn wifi off optus modem

See more like this Netgear DGN2200 Wireless N300 ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Wifi Optus WLAN WPS USB DSL 708 Sold Huawei E3372 4G USB Modem UNLOCKED - 5% off w/ PENNY5 + Bonus Optus ... More

how to turn on edge screen s8

How to turn screen rotation On/Off on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Access the Home screen; Tap on the Apps icon, from the lower-right side of the screen; Select Settings; Select Display and Wallpaper; Tap on the option labeled as “Screen rotation switch” to turn it On or Off. The 3D Accelerometer Rotation is the feature behind all this. The Screen Rotation Switch activates it or not, allowing ... More

how to use soapui in eclipse

Why use SoapUI Pro for Web Service Testing? While the Open Source version can be seen as the Swiss-Army knife for testing, SoapUI Pro is the tool with the sharpest edge. Applied to testing web services, SoapUI Pro focus on enhancing efficiency and usability. ... More

how to stop masturbating 6 apps that can help you

Updated on 4/1/2016. A report from the Virginia Tech Institute for Transportation found that you’re 23 times more likely to get in a car accident if you text while driving, far surpassing other distractions. ... More

how to potty train a wild bunny

Well here is the solution: Learn how to potty train your rabbits in the house fast. Kawsar Ahmed Arafat. RabbitScout . Available Rabbits. Meat Rabbits Breeds Raising Rabbits For Meat Rabbit Breeds Rabbit Cages Rabbit Farm Rabbit Pen Pet Rabbit New Zealand Rabbits Rabbit Behavior Farmhouse Rabbits Animales Bunnies. Once a litter has left the nestbox and their sex confirmed, we begin reserving ... More

how to stop crunchyrolls adds

A lack of resources (only one toy for multiple pets), social conflict, too small of a space, stress, lack of exercise, and genetic disposition can cause jealous-like behavior, she adds. ... More

how to work out building cost base depreciation

Establishing the cost base of an asset is the starting point before depreciation can be calculated. The cost base of an asset is made up of two elements: First element is the amount paid or taken to have been paid for an asset ... More

how to use ryobi sawzall

How to Run an 18V Ryobi Tool Using a Car Battery Author Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. ... More

how to turn on predictive text on android

16/12/2018 The predictive text on Android are words suggested during the typing input process. But this feature sometimes makes users unhappy, and here is the way how to turn off predictive text on Android. ... More

how to use ardent reel butter

8/12/2016 · Is Ardent Reel butter oil ok to put on the worm gear of my Abu Garcia Pro Max. Or should i use Abu Garcia oil. Theres a small amount of oil/grease still on the worm gear and I've heard horror stories of oils/greases of different brands getting gummy inside reels. ... More

how to turn on airdrop on macbook pro 2011

It actually premiered in OS X Lion back in 2011 as a Mac-only wireless file transfer service. At launch, AirDrop used Bonjour and personal area networking (PAN) to discover and transfer files between Macs. ... More

how to grow travel blog

Here are some useful tips on how to grow your travel Instagram account. People are now utilizing Instagram as a tool to connect. You can find or create an online tribe full of people who share the ... More

how to pretend to be productive at work

A lot of organizations deal with challenges like maintaining productivity and quality of work. Employees constantly complain about the increasing chaos that hampers their productivity and this ... More

how to use camera timer on iphone 5s

There’s an old adage amongst photographers: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” The point being that when the perfect scene pops up, any camera is better than no camera at all. ... More

how to use giftpax vouchers

Download Your 2019 Senior Card Directory Today! NSW Seniors Card is pleased to provide members with the 2019 Seniors Card Directory, your guide to the best discounts and special offers from thousands of participating businesses around the state. ... More

how to teach tenses in fun way

The best way to teach and learn English grammar. Lessons and exercises teaching grammar with sentence diagramming. Confident teachers, engaged students, joyful learning. Lessons and exercises teaching grammar with sentence diagramming. ... More

how to set up plex on ps4

This should load up the PLEX interface on your television screen. 5. Configure PLEX on your PS4. To ensure that videos play on the PS4, you’ll first need to make a few key configuration changes ... More

how to stop spam emails on iphone 6

I have started to get text messages from on my iPhone 6. It doesn't have a number—it just says "". It doesn't have a number—it just says "". I am confused that how can something which has no number is sending me text messages. ... More

how to turn off gmail mobile code

If you’re not sure how to turn off automatic forwarding, ask your other webmail provider for further assistance.” Another option for receiving email from another account in your Gmail account is to have email automatically forwarded to your Gmail address from that account. ... More

how to write pi on a phone

In this example we’ll write a simple “hello world” script to demonstrate how to create and run them. To begin, log in to your Raspberry Pi, and navigate to the directory where you want to save the script. ... More

how to teach your dog to bring back the ball

Dont toss objects all day, saying Bring, Bring, Bring, or youll find your dog avoiding you, saying No, No, No! Each Bring lesson should be no more than 5 to 10 minutes. And no more than four lessons a day! If your lessons are upbeat, the dog will retain the behavior much better than if ... More

how to stop dropbox syncing photos

Dropbox has an automatic photo upload feature that's pretty wonderful. Turn it on, and it automatically uploads every picture you take to its server. But unless you adjust your sync settings, it's ... More

how to stop pu leather furniture squeaking

23/01/2018 · I have an August 2017 Model S. Loving driving the car. Although in the last 3 weeks I have started to notice the drivers seat back is starting to make a leather rubbing creak or squeak … ... More

how to stop a windshield crack from spreading diy

I attempted to do it on an older windshield crack and due to dust build up over time it makes it much harder to fully make the windshield crack go away. But we were able to make it a little better and hopefully stop the crack from spreading. ... More

how to send data to server tcp jav

How to implement a server program in Java using ServerSocket. Multi-threaded server is also explained. Send data to the client via the client socket’s OutputStream. 5. Close the connection with the client. The steps 3 and 4 can be repeated many times depending on the protocol agreed between the server and the client. The steps 1 to 5 can be repeated for each new client. And each new ... More

how to win against a narcissist in court

Narcissists will never react to you yelling at them or begging for them to change. This will only backfire. They are a warehouse of contempt that will just build and build against you if choose to ... More

how to use migration assistant with thunderbolt

I just ordered a new 27" Late 2015 iMac. I'll be moving my data from a 27" mid-2010 iMac. What's the recommended medium for the migration? I know how to use Migration Assistant, but the old iMac has Firewire (no Thunderbolt) and the new iMac has Thunderbolt (no FireWire). ... More

how to use turmeric root

Turmeric Tea Preparation “Pro-Tip” 😉 Much like ginger, you may be tempted to use fresh turmeric in your cooking and carefully peel around all of the little nubs leaving as much fresh turmeric root as possible. ... More

how to see computer play osu

Help I play osu with 1600 dpi and x.84 osu sens and I really want to use x1 but 1600 dpi with x1 is too fast for me and I can't change my dpi because I use ZowieFK1 mouse. ... More

vedioes of how to solve a 2by2 cube

I just made this for people who want a quick reference guide just to learn to solve the cube. I know there are probably better take off points for people wanting to go pro at it, but this method is really easy for those who have never even picked up a Rubiks cube. ... More

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how to win hunter lich king

Wrath of the Lich King was released on November 13, 2008. Patch 3.1.0, 'Secrets of Ulduar', was released April 15, 2009. [20] Players discovered the titan city of Ulduar to learn it was a prison keeping the Old God of Death, Yogg-Saron inside.

how to win the impossible quiz

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Online, this is what it says about the "Impossible Quiz:" The Impossible Quiz: The quiz that is almost impossible.

how to turn on full screen

Full-Screen Gestures on Xiaomi Smartphones are here and you can also get it on your Xiaomi device. But first, lets find out what Full-Screen Gestures are before going on to enable/activate it.

how to use apple watch series 3 in water

You can, for example, wear and use Apple Watch during exercise, in the rain, and while washing your hands, but submerging Apple Watch is not recommended. Apple Watch has a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529. The leather bands are not water resistant.

how to turn your son into a girl

Summary: My mum turned me into a girl. Well, actually it was her new friend, Alison, but my mum played along and, being my mum, she has to take the blame.

how to set footnote font in google drive word

Mousing over a search result and clicking "Cite" will add a superscript number to your text and a footnote at the bottom of the document. For image results, just drag and drop the picture you want

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